Climate Hustle 2

After the success of Climate Hustle 1 (being #1 per screen average), now we are facing a frenzied Green movement unlike anything we have ever seen -- a rising climate monarchy that seeks new adherents to their radical agenda. They want to silence all opposition down completely - muzzle respected scientists that disagree with them so that nothing stands in the way of their efforts to garner more power, money and influence. Worse, they insist the UN, and not our elected leaders, be the ones calling the shots on US climate and energy policy. They are not afraid to abuse science to achieve their ends. Theirs is an ideological agenda, a political philosophy opposed to American ideals of freedom. Climate Hustle 2 will pull back the curtain and expose the hypocrisy, efforts at making a new "green" religion, indoctrination of children in the classroom, and the flow of trillions of dollars into a massive hidden war on our culture, and much, much more.

CAST: Marc Morano, Kevin Sorbo

RUN TIME: 115 min

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